IDECO H-1000 Drilling Rig

PRICE $345,000.00 USD

NOTE: If Rig is not Sold by August 31st, 2017, it will be included in the October Oklahoma City Auction

IDECO H-1000 S/D Drwwks, LEBUS f/1-1/8″ Line, TEXAS WESTERN Catheads, Hydromatic Brake, Crown-O-Matic, IDECO KM-112-358-AH 112’H-358,000# Telescoping Mast, w/Approx 2,000’ of 1-1/8″ Drill Line, Mtd On IDECO BIRB055 6-Axle Carrier, (2) DETROIT Series 60 Engs, ALLISON 5860 Trans, Hyd Pumps, Right Angle Rotary Drive, (6) Hyd Leveling Jacks, N.O.V. ‘FS’ Deadline Anchor, Step-Up Rotary Chain Box, MARTIN-DECKER FS 400,000# Weight Indicator w/Torque, Line Pull & Pump Pressure Gauges

12’4’H x 11’W x 35’L T-Type Substructure w/BOP Trolley, Rotary Beams, Air Tanks, 1″ BOP Hardlines & SS Flex Lines, 9’6″W x 48’8″L Folding Mud Boat & 20″H x 5’W x 60’L 2-Section Catwalk

(2) NATIONAL 8-P-80 Triplex Pumps EA p/b CAT D-398 Eng

(2) CAT SR-4 400KW AC Gen Sets EA p/b CAT 3412 Eng, QUINCY 5120 Air Compressor, I.RAND 2475 Air Compressor, All Mtd. in 12’5″W x 38’L Utility House

IDECO 205-B 20-1/2″ Rotary Table

KING 25MB 150-Ton Swivel

5-1/4″ x 38’L Hex Kelly (MPI’d) w/VARCO HD Drive Bushing, INT’L TOOL Kelly Spinner, Upper & Lower Kelly Valves

SENTRY 250-Ton 5-Sheave Block/Hook Combo w/2-1/4″ x 96″ 250-Ton Elevator Links

XINDE 11″ 5000# Annular BOP

XINDE Type U 11″ 5000# Dbl BOP w/Spool

5000# Choke Manifold w/(7) 2-1/16″ G Valves, (2) Adj Chokes & Steel Flex Choke Line

KOOMEY Type 80 MA110-11SB 4-Station Closing Unit w/(10) Accumulator Bottle, (2) Air Pumps, Mtd In 4’5″H x 7’5″W x 30’OAL Junk Box/Master Skid

KOOMEY Type 80 4-Station Remote Control Panel

7’3″W x 18’5″L Top Doghouse w/(2) Porches

7’6″W x 20’L Change House

277-Bbl 8’6″H x 10’W x 19’L Premix Tank w/(2) MOBILGEAR 10HP Mud Agitators, Mud Hopper, Internal Plumbing, 5″ x 6″ 75HP Cent Pump

490-Bbl 5’8″H x 12’W x 42’L Crimped Steel Suction Tank w/8’L Porch, (3) 7-1/2HP MOBILGEAR Mud Agitators, (2) 5″ x 6″ 50HP Cent Pumps, Mud Hopper, Internal Plumbing, V-Bottom

467-Bbl 5’8″H x 12’W x 40’L Crimped Steel Shaker Tank w/MAXX 2000 6HP Mud Agitator, 5″ x 6″ 50HP Cent Pump, NOV Mini Cobra Tandem Linear Motion Shale Shaker, BRANDT Desilter, Internal Plumbing, V-Bottom

DRILCO Vacuum Degasser & 30″Dia x 22’H Atmospheric Degasser w/Stand

93-Bbl 5’H x 7’6″W x 12’L Trip Tank w/Internal Plumbing, Flat Bottom, 2″ x 3″ 30HP Cent Pump

230-Bbl 8’H x 7’10″W x 30’L Crimped Steel Water Tank w/7’L Parts Room, (2) 2″ x 3″ 20HP Cent Pumps

7200-Gal 6’Dia x 34’L Fuel Tank w/(2) Fuel Transfer Pumps & Lubester

4-Compartment Lubester w/GRACO Fireball Air Transfer Pumps

RAUCH 12A Air-Operated Pipe Spinner • WTM Rotary Tongs • 4-1/2″ & 3-1/2″ 250-Ton Drill Pipe Elevators • 4-1/2″ Drill Pipe Slips • Drill Collar Slips • DC Safety Clamp • Mud Bucket • (2) I.RAND Air Hoists

FIVE STAR Wireline Measuring Device • 3-1/2″Dia x 53’L Rotary Hose • (2) 15’L Vibrator Hoses • Rig Lights

12,000’ of 4-1/2″ Grades G & X, 16.60#, Range 2 BN Drill Pipe w/4-1/2XH (DWB)

(6) 8″ Drill Collars w/6-5/8″Reg (MPI’d)

(18) 6-1/4″ Drill Collars w/4-1/2″XH (MPI’d)

(6) Sets of 18″H Pipe Racks


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