Foremost CTR-100/140K Rig


LOCATION: West Virginia, United States
PRICE: $500,000.00 USD
CONTACT: Brandon Field


  • 2005 FOREMOST CTR-100/140K Drawworks p/b DETROIT Series 60, w/ Caliper Brake, Trailer Mtd
  • FOREMOST 85’H 140,000# SHL Stiff Mast w/ STEWART & STEVENSON M100S Injector & Tubing Guide
  • 42’H x 11’3”W x 54’L Hyd Catwalk w/ Operator’s Cab
  • JF-800 Triplex Pump p/b DETROIT Series 60
  • TOWNSEND 9” 3000# Annular & (2) TOWNSEND TM88 9” 3,000# Sgl BOP’s
  • 350KW & 140KW Gen Sets, Mtd In Combo House w/ 5-Station Closing Unit
  • Doghouse & Toolpusher House
  • Junk Box w/ Handling Tools
  • (3) Hyd Pipe Tubs

2005 FOREMOST CTR Sgl 100/140K Hyd Drawworks, S/N-052374, 95,000# Capacity, Caliper Brake, p/b DETROIT Series 60 Eng; w/ Hyd Pumps, Motors & Oil Coolers, Trailer Section f/ Coil Tubing Reels & Sub Base Floor Mtd on 2005 PEERLESS 12W x 75’L Step Deck Tri-Axle Trailer w/ Hyd Leveling Jacks, Side Mount Control Station, (8) 1″ Steel Flex lines, Air Ride

FOREMOST 85’H 140,000# SHL Stiff Mast w/ 1″ Drill Line, (2) 3-Stage Raising Rams, Standpipe, Rotary Hose, Hyd Utility Winch, 100-Ton RC 240 Hyd Top Drive w/ Integrated Swivel, Integral Traveling Block & Backup Leg STEWART & STEVENSON M100S Injector w/ Tubing Guide, CD Control Hydro Wt Indicator

(2) 14’Dia X 8’W Coil Tubing Reels (1) w/ Full Reel of 3-1/2″ Tubing

42’H x 11’3″W x 54’L Hyd Catwalk w/ 12’6″W x 5’L Operator Cab, Swing Out Pipe Racks, Hyd Leveling Jacks, HPU p/b 60HP Elec Motor & Choke Manifold w/ (8) 2″ & 3″ Valves Skidded

JF-800 Triplex Pump 800HP, F.S. Fluid Ends, Q.C. Caps, Pulsation Dampener, Surge Chamber, OTECO Relief Valve, Type D pressure Gauge, Belt Drive p/b DETROIT Series 60 Eng; RUFFNECK Heat & Lights Mtd in 12’W x 36’L House Skidded

TOWNSEND 9″ 3000# Ann BOP, (2) TOWNSEND TM88 9″ 3,000# Sgl Ram BOP’s, 17″ Drilling Spool w/ 3″ Outlets, Blind Flanged, 12″H Spacer Spool, (3) Manual Valves & HRC Valve

12’W x 54’L Combo House w/ STAMFORD 350KW Ac Gen p/b DETROIT Series 60 Eng; & STAMFORD 140KW Ac Gen p/b JOHN DEERE 190HP Eng; CONTROL TECHNOLOGY 5-Station Closing Unit w/ (8) 110-Gal Bottles, Triplex Pump p/b 15HP Elec Motor, Change Room w/ Lockers & Bench, Production Control Room w/ CAE 405/250 Air Compr p/b 200HP Elec Motor, 75KVA Transformer, Electric Control Station, 4-Compartment Lubester, Lights & Heaters Skidded

12’W x 48’L Mud Tank w/ 10’L Enclosed Room, Mud Hopper, MISSION 5″ x 6″ & MCM 5″ x 10″ Cent Pumps, EA p/b 50HP Elec Motors, (2) SWACO Mongoose Shale Shakers, Top Mtd Walkways, Skidded

9’W x 16’5″L Top Doghouse w/ 4’L Covered Porch, BOSCH REXROTH Control Station, Bench & Cabinet Storage, (3) Lockers, BOP Remote Control Station, Lights & Heaters Hyd Raises to Floor Height out of a 8’H x 12’W x 24’L Water Tank & 12’W x 18’L Storage Room w/ Elec Station, Transformer, Work Bench, CAT Triplex Pump p/b Elec Motor, Parts Ben & BJ 7″ Elev Skidded

2005 ATCO 12’W x 46’L Rig Manager House w/ Living, Bed, Kitchen, Bath & Office Area, Climate Control Skidded

39″H x 8’W x 18’L Junk Box w/ (10) Jts Hardline & Rack, (2) 2-1/4″x 96″L Elev Links, VARCO 4-1/2″ Drill Pipe Slip, 4-1/2″ Elevator, WOOLLEY Type B Tongs & Misc Skidded

(3) 42″H x 8’W x 45’L Hyd Pipe Tubs Skidded