MD Cowan 525M



LOCATION: Pennsylvania, United States
PRICE: $360,000.00 USD
CONTACT: Brandon Field


  • RIG TECH RT-400B Drawworks p/b CAT C-18
  • IDS 77’H 500,000# Sgl-Section Mast
  • IDS 15’H Hyd Scoping Substructure
  • MD COWAN 4-Sheave 250-Ton Traveling Block
  • VENTURE TECH XK 250-Ton Power Swivel
  • GRAY Hyd Iron Ruffneck
  • VENTURE TECH XK 250-Ton Power Swivel w/CAT C-18 HPU
  • RIG TECH Close Loop System
  • BURNSCO 6-Station Closing Unit
  • Doghouse & Change House
  • GRAY Hyd Pipe Spinner

RIG TECH RT-400B Drawworks LEBUS Grooved f/1-1/8″ Line, EATON WCB424 Brake, p/b CAT C-18 Eng & ALLSION CLT-6061 Trans


IDS 77’H 500,000# SHL 4-Leg Sgl Section Mast


IDS 15’H x 12’W x 12’L Hyd Telescoping Substructure w/8’W Folding Wings & Handrails


MD COWAN 250-Ton 4-Sheave Traveling Block


VENTURE TECH XK 250-Ton Power Swivel


GRAY Hyd Iron Roughneck


All Above Mtd On 12’W x 18”H x 90’L 3-Section Master Skid w/BRADEN Hyd Utility Winch, OILWORKS 1000 Wireline Unit, Sgl Hyd Pipe Handling Arm


VENTURE TECH HPU p/b CAT C18 Eng w/Hyd Tank, Filtration Unit, Hoses, Parts Room All In 45’L Enclosed House, Skidded


RIG TECH Close Loop Cooling System w/630-Gal Tank, (2) MISSION 2″ x 3″ 20HP Cent Pumps, 5-Compartment Lubester, LINCOLN Air Pump & FILL-RITE Hand Pump, Hose Reels, BURNSCO 6-Station Closing Unit w/(10) Bottles, BEAR Triplex Pump, All Mtd On 41’L Skid


8’W x 20’L Top Doghouse (Hyd Raised to Match Sub) w/Knowledge Box, (4) Lockers, Remote Closing Unit Control Panel, & 8’W x 20’L Bottom Doghouse w/(12) Lockers, Benches, Cabinet Storage, Hyd Tank & Control Valves to Raise & Lower Sub, All Mtd On 41’L Skid

GRAY Hyd Pipe Spinner


Pipe Tub w/Stairs, Handrails & Sub Floor Plates