CNG Compressor Package


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GE CNG in a Box Unit is a self contained CNG compressor package, gas dryer, priority panel and buffer tank system. Integration of these components into a modified 20ft ISO container simplify installation of a CNG fueling station. The unit has also been modified for mobility and cold 

weather with a modified base plate and cold weather package.


CNG in a Box Compressor Package

Key Components

  • GE H304 HIgh-Speed Compressor
  • GE Electric Motor
  • Gas Cooler
  • Blow Down Tank System
  • Inlet Gas Desiccant Dryer
  • Priority Panel Including Cascade & Slow Fill Lines
  • (3) Buffer Tanks
  • Skidded Baseplate
  • Off Skid Motor Soft Start Panel
  • ALLEN BRADLEY Compact Logix PLC

Technical Specifications

Suction Pressure 37.5PSIG
Discharge Pressure 4500PSIG
Flow Rate (@37.5PSIG Suction Pressure) 1200MSCFD
Motor Power 400HP
Motor Power Supply 480/3V/Phase
Compression Stages 4-Stages
Buffer Tank Capacity (MAWP 5500PSIG) 15.97Cu.Ft. (EA)


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